• Supporting women and children

Why can’t I find your address?

As our places are saftey zones for our families, we do not put our addresses up for public information. Feel free to phone us if you need more information on 02 9971 4499.

I don’t want to move to a refuge but I need help. What do I do?

Contact us, many of our families are helped by our caseworkers and not all need to move in with us. Call us on 02 9971 4499 and we can help you with a safety plan and connect you to services if you need them. We can help you plan your next step.

I want to donate my baby clothes/items, how I do this?

Please don’t be offended if we don’t take up your generous offer. We have limited space and cannot store items. You can always check by calling us on 02 9971 4499. We already have the basics ready for most family situations and if we do need anything more, please keep a look out on our Facebook Page.

Can I donate just to Bringa or just to Delvena?

Yes you can. We’ve very aware that our beautiful communities love and want to support their local refuge. Make sure when you donate you specify which refuge you want, otherwise we spread the love where it’s needed between all our families.
You can donate directly through mycause as an individual or an organisation here or use this donation form and send it back to us to process.
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